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  Boris Rodin

Dear Friends!

    I'm happy to introduce myself to You. Here you may look at my personality from different points of view and get acquainted with my works and professional activities.
    Cultural and technical progress is eternal value of the mankind. This what interests us in studying of our past, this what well leave to next generations in future. But human relations stay always the same. Only decorations change.
    My books reflect a view at the modern reality and human attitudes via short phrases, fables and poems. Nearby 200 of them became songs which were included in CD albums later.
    I believe there's no absolute Evil or absolute Kindness. We live in a compromise between these two edges. The life is exciting by itself in every manifestation. My poems and songs are all about it... I hope my works, at any field like popular music or sympho-rock, will help each of You to find something unique.
    Any author, even the most sufficient, wants to be read and heart.
    Read, listen and live in the world of reality.

Signature. Boris Rodin

© Boris Rodin 2009