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“A Lucky Ticket” Book. A Lucky Ticket

    At first there was a word and than a song. Thanks to our friendship and cooperation with composer Sergey Kastorsky lyrics have become songs, which are presented by famous pop singers such as J. Kobzon, L. Dolina, L. Lechenko, A. Asadullin, J. Ohochinsky, I. Nadzhiev, A. Tukish, group “Syabry”, “Singing Guitars”, “Na-Na”, “Blue Bird” and etc. Sergey Kastorsky is among them.
    The result was a release of two double CDs – “Maestro” and “Eyes to Eyes”.
    Please, don’t be too strict and try to plunge into the melody of rhyme to see the world from my point of view. And I’ll be happy if you perception coincides with mine.



“Your Angel” Book. Your Angel

    Next book of selected poems reflects social picture and social mood. Maybe, I’m not the one to judge it, but nevertheless the desire of changing the world to better always worries me, makes me create rhymes and poems.
    Part of the lyrics became songs on music by Sergey Kastorsky and Boris Bogdanov, and the other part stayed on paper. The book name was given under the pressure of an incurable desire to be good for everyone. Unfortunately, it’s impossible. Everybody must have his own Angel.





“Magna Mater” Book. Magna Mater

     Many things changed after the release of the previous book – human, social, planetary changes. My consciousness demanded to splash out emotions on paper and so the lyrics was born.
     My work with different musical genres was continued. “Light of Love” album was created on the music of Sergey Kastorsky, “This All is for you” – on the music of Boris Bogdanov and “Magna Matter” album - on music Gala Romanova, a very talented singer and a new friend of mine.






“A White Notebook” Book. A White Notebook

     You’re reading these lines. It means that the destiny favours you. It means life goes on and we have much in common. And the common thing is the book.
     Life is a joy of trials that begin from a clear notebook page. And it depends on us what is going to be in this notebook. And maybe the notebook will become a book one day… who knows? A book, for me, is a window. I observe the world through it and the world observes me.
     The work under staging of the ballet “Magna Mater” and musical play “My Angel” is in full swing. 15 tracks of the play will be presented on separate CD soon.
     I wish you health, happiness, love and prosperity. Learn to live in a harmony with the planet Earth environment as we’re only guests here that consider ourselves masters.


    You may buy these books in the book store “Dom Knigi” (Saint-Petersburg) or WWW.OZON.RU

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