Boris Rodin
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Production Activity

- General producer of “Vasilevsky Island” cultural program arranged to coincide with the
  300th anniversary of St.Petersburg.
  The program included 3 big concerts in Moscow and St.Petersburg concert halls,
  among which “Big Kremlin Palace” and “Russia” concert hall in Moscow.
- General producer of “This life” concert arranged to coincide with the anniversary of
  honoured actor Anatoly Tukish in “Music Hall” (St.Petersburg)
- General producer of Maestro Kastorky concerts in different halls of St.Petersburg,
  among which big hall “Oktyabrsky”
- Film-presentation “Maestro Kastorsky” (2 DVD)
- Music Album “Light of Love” (2 CD)
- Production of Documentary film “No sex”
- General producer of musical project “Silver strings of Poetry” based on Sergey Esenin’s
  poetry (2 CD)
- Production of “Esenin’s Night” festival
- Sergey Esenin’s monument restoration in Tavrichesky Garden (St.Petersburg)
- General producer of musical project “Magna Matter” (sympho-rock opera) based on
  Paolo Coelho’s books

Fondazione S. Yesenin, Song of the Year - 2001

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