Boris Rodin
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    Boris Rodin (Boris Blit), a poet, a producer, a businessman and a public figure, was born on the 8th of April 1955 in St.Petersburg. As a very educated and creative person he succeeds in poetry, photography and video shooting. Also he collects everything that connected with cars. Boris Rodin and wife
    Mr. Rodin is fond of music. Among Russian singers A. Pugacheva, and S. Penkin can be pointed out, among foreign stars - Whitney Houston, Garry Moor, The Beatles. His favourite authors are Alexander Pushkin, a world famous Russian poet, and Vladimir Visotsky, a great Russian bard.
     Boris Rodin has a close-knit family and many friends whom he adores to spend time with in the country-house. Mr. Rodin has traveled much around the world but still considers St.Petersburg to be the most beautiful city to live in.

- St.Petersburg State Technical University - 1976
- Baltic International University of Tourism - 1994
- Law School, Academy of Government Officials under the President of Russian
   Federation - 2003

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